CA Sales Holdings Limited Exceeds R5 Billion Market Cap with Strong Financial Performance

Published On: June 7, 2024Company: CA Sales Holdings Limited (
What is the strategic goal of the CA&S Group in terms of revenue?
The CA&S Group aims to achieve a revenue target of R20 billion by 2026.


  • In 2023, CA Sales Holdings Limited had a successful year with strategic acquisitions leading to its expansion in Namibia and South Africa, crossing the R5 billion market capitalisation, and being awarded the Master Distributor of the Year by a leading FMCG brand owner.
  • The company navigated several challenges in the economic landscape including geopolitical tensions, raw material costs and interest rates hikes, and electricity supply constraints.
  • Despite these challenges, the company’s robust performance was due to its strategic approach and positive outlook.
  • The financial performance of the company showed strong results with revenue and operating profit growing by 19.4% and 40.7% respectively, and EPS and HEPS increasing by 25.3% and 59.5% respectively.
  • In the past year, the CA&S Group integrated ESG strategies with their overarching corporate goals, and prioritised their integration into the company’s governance oversight and risk structures.
  • The company aims to create value for stakeholders through its resilient business model characterised by excellent execution, prudent cash management and sustainable cash generation.
  • CA Sales Holdings Limited focuses heavily on navigating the challenges and seizing growth opportunities.
  • Strategic performance and milestones show a consistent aim to achieve a revenue target of R20 billion by 2026. Operations have expanded into new geographical markets, and technology integration has improved operational efficiency.
  • A commitment to environmental and social responsibility is embedded within business practices. In 2023, ESG strategy was refined and ongoing initiatives show dedication to sustainable value creation.
  • A workforce of over 15,000 employees and a strategic approach to resource deployment using improved technology has benefitted operations and employees both.
  • The company has stayed resilient and seen growth in regions like Botswana, Eswatini, Namibia, and South Africa. Revenue growth was seen in all these regions and challenges were navigated strategically.

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CA&S Group specializes in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, focusing on ensuring on-shelf availability of world-renowned consumer brands. With a diverse geographical presence across Southern and East Africa, the Group provides comprehensive services including warehousing and distribution, retail execution and advisory, retail support, training, and advanced technology and data solutions. In 2023, CA&S Group reported a significant revenue increase to R11.3 billion, a 19.4% growth over the previous year, with a net profit after taxation of R604.5 million, marking a 59.7% increase from the prior year. The Group’s successful acquisitions, such as the T&C Group in Namibia and MarketMax in the pharmaceutical channel, have broadened its market reach and enhanced its service offerings, contributing to its financial growth and operational expansion.

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