CA Sales Holdings Limited (Botswana) – Amendment to the share incentive scheme trust deed

By Published On: May 26th, 2022Categories: Corporate announcement

CA Sales shareholders (“Shareholders”) are referred to the circular published by the Company on 5 May 2022 (“Circular”) in terms whereof, inter alia, the Company provided Shareholders with details regarding the proposed transfer of listing (“Transfer”) from the Cape Town Stock Exchange to the JSE Limited (“JSE”). The Circular also includes a notice of general meeting of Shareholders, at which meeting Shareholders will consider and, if deemed fit, approve the resolutions authorising the Transfer and the proposed amendments to the memorandum of incorporation of the Company and the trust deed of the CA Sales Holdings Share Incentive Trust (“SIT Trust Deed”).

The purpose of this announcement is to advise Shareholders of a printing error in Annexure 1 of the Circular which details the proposed amendments to the SIT Trust Deed. The full set of amendments to the SIT Trust Deed relate mainly to the inclusion of additional definitions which include references to the JSE, consequent amendments to take account of the amended definitions and other semantic changes in amplification of the amendments set out in the Circular. The full set of amendments has been uploaded to the Company’s website and are accessible under the Investor Relations tab.

25 May 2022

CA Sales Holdings Limited (

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