PLEASE check with your broker and the Botswana Stock Exchange before relying on the text below. This tool is designed to be a quick “look-up” option for capital markets practitioners and listed companies on the Botswana Stock Exchange.

PART I – Introduction


The definitions contained in the “Definitions” section of these Listings Requirements apply to this Introduction.


The BSE provides facilities for the listing of the securities of companies (domestic or foreign) and provides its users with an orderly market place for trading in such securities and regulates accordingly.

The listings requirements set out in this book apply to both applicants for listing and presently listed companies. The listing requirements reflect, inter alia, the rules and procedures governing new applications, proposed marketing of securities and the continuing obligations of issuers, and are aimed at ensuring that the business of the BSE is carried on with due regard to the public interest.

General Principles
It is both impracticable and undesirable to devise requirements and procedures in such detail so as to govern all circumstances which may arise in commercial practice. Accordingly, the following listings requirements fall into two c