Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the outbreak of the Coronavirus (“COVID-19”) worldwide, the Government of Zimbabwe enacted legislation which has resulted in the whole country being put under lockdown, initially for 21 days as from 30th March 2020, followed by two consecutive extensions of the lockdown by 14 days each. The last extension is scheduled to come to an end on 17th May 2020. The mining industry was treated as an essential service, which meant that mining companies were allowed to continue with operations, provided they observed very stringent health and safety measures in order to prevent employees and the surrounding communities from getting infected with the Coronavirus.

Bindura Nickel Corporation Limited (“BNC” or “the Company”) addressed the health and safety requirements of the newly enacted law for preventing the spread of COVID-19 among employees, including those at the work place and those staying at home during the lockdown, by coming up with a “COVID-19 Response Plan”. The main objective of this plan was to guide the Company in its implementation of specific preventative measures, in line with the standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO). These measures included awareness campaigns at the workplace and surrounding communities, social distancing, promotion of good hygiene, environmental decontamination, surveillance and contact tracing, screening and early referrals. No positive COVID-19 cases nor deaths have been recorded in the Company to date.

Safety, Health and Environment

No fatalities have been recorded since the beginning of this financial year. The last fatality was on 7 June 2015. As at 31st March 2020, BNC had achieved 1 735 fatality free days. This translates to 2 128 847 fatality free shifts. Three Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) and four Non Lost Time Injuries (NLTIs) were recorded during the quarter ended 31st March 2020.

BNC continues to comply with environmental legislation, through the implementation and maintenance of Environmental Management Programmes as well as the renewal of Environmental Permits.