Anglo American plc announces that it has purchased the following number of its ordinary shares of US$0.54945 each on Exchange (as defined in the Rules of the London Stock Exchange) from Goldman Sachs International (“Goldman Sachs”) as part of its buyback programme announced on 25 July 2019 (the “Programme”).

Date of purchase:22 February 2020
Number of ordinary shares US$0.54945 each purchased:199,556
Highest price paid per share (£):£21.3550
Lowest price paid per share (£):£20.8950
Volume weighted average price paid per share (£):£21.1101

Anglo American will cancel the purchased shares.

Full details of the transactions, in aggregated and detailed form, are available at information/share-purchase-transactions.

Ellie Klonarides
Deputy Company Secretary
Anglo American plc