AfricanFinancials Launches Investor Relations App

By Published On: May 18th, 2020

AfricanFinancials is launching an innovative mobile application (the AfricanFinancials IR app) to provide African listed companies and fund managers the most direct and effective communications channel with investors.

The AfricanFinancials Investor Relations App (Powered by SharesInside, the award-winning Swiss based communications firm) improves investor relations and communications governance for listed companies by providing a direct and immediate delivery of key regulatory announcements, news, and important IR data to all categories of investors.

“The preponderance of fake news and the importance of strategic communications for companies’ needing to showcase their long term investment cases post COVID-19 adds a high degree of relevance to our new investor relations App,” says Rob Stangroom, the Digital Manager of AfricanFinancials.

AfricanFinancials is integrating its investor relations data systems into the SharesInside platform to enable listed companies from across the African continent.

Companies using the IR app will not only have the most direct and effective communications channel to communicate with investors, but also be visible on both the investor relations portal and the SharesInside global portal of over 450 subscriber companies using the App from over 20 countries globally. The app has over 5-million users around the world and over 450 listed companies from 131 different countries.

“The innovation behind the IR app is to leverage the ability of individual companies to showcase their investment cases to a global investor community of over 5-million investors together into one app. So, it’s really just about the convenience that the users demand, the risk-free environment for the companies and making it easy for everybody,” says Dave Hannam, co-founder of SharesInside.

The core advantage of using the IR app is that potential investors can create their own watchlists for the companies within their portfolios on a global scale. This is highly beneficial for African listed companies as their updates share prices and important announcements appear directly on their international investors’ cell phones. This improves communication and information accessibility – two key tenets of investor relations.

“When digital communications are done right, it can have a huge influence on a company and can be a very powerful tool. I think now is a time of opportunity for a company to make use of the platform. Everyone uses apps and it’s definitely, at least for the time being, the fastest and easiest way to engage with a user sitting behind a mobile phone,” says Hannam.

Over 90% of the news and company announcements that are disseminated via the app are opened within five minutes. This makes the IR app a highly effective tool for investor engagement and awareness of market trends. Instant access to information can have a direct effect on stock markets and decision-making.

If investors can receive important public information from the IR app before mainstream media picks up on it, it can have the power to improve investment decisions. Ultimately, the user benefits from the instant access to news and data which, in turn, can influence the market performance of a listed company.

Businesses that subscribe to the IR app will also get an additional section on their Africanfinancials profile where investors can sign up for email alerts. Time-sensitive information is then delivered to the user via push notifications from the Africanfinancials mailing list in addition to the corporate website. This further increases the chances of information reaching an investor within minutes of an important company decision having been taken.

“By integrating a world class corporate IR website, email and app “push technology” and the (Africa) and SharesInside (Global) portals, the media penetration and visibility of a listed companies’ news, announcements and IR data should be unmatched,” says Stangroom.

The automatic publication of information and the latest share prices, news and regulatory announcements, reduces the workload on a listed company when it comes to disseminating their news through multiple channels. Companies can reach a wider audience, with less required work, through the IR App and the linked Africanfinancials portal.

“Companies are regulated by the stock exchanges and in many markets, they are required to publish information on their website too. For a lot of companies, I think that they see it as a big workload to be present on every single channel possible to be visible and to be constantly reaching out to the inventors. seek to integrate, centralise and automate these processes as much as possible and give the companies a way to cut back on using resources on those channels,” explains Hannam.

More About AfricanFinancials

AfricanFinancials offers listed African companies world class investor relations websites, IR widgets and related digital solutions that integrate finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable effective two-way communication between listed companies and their investor communities on owned digital media and through – a pan-African investor relations portal that profiles over 590 listed companies and publishes over 19 000 investor relations documents on the platform.

AfricanFinancials also promotes increased investor visibility and connects with stakeholders through The Investor Mailing List which disseminates share price lists with key movement indicators, latest annual reports and documents, earnings releases and presentations, corporate actions and news.

More Information About SharesInside

The SharesInside app is an easy way for companies, both big and small, to set up a managed investor relations platform. The data and information on the app can be updated at any time and sent directly to stakeholders via their smartphones.

The app has over 5-million users around the world and over 450 listed companies from 131 different countries. The company has nine offices around the world. SharesInside was named as the 2019 best investor relations optimisation app by Wealth and FinTech International.

This free mobile app is vital for any investor that wants a direct platform from which to stay up to date with the latest stocks and financial news.


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Dave Hannam
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About the Author: Rob Stangroom

Rob Stangroom
My mandate for listed companies in Africa is to commercially leverage direct contacts with retail and professional investors. AfricanFinancials is an initiative for listed companies, by listed companies to implement good communications governance and investor relations practices. Many companies don’t care about retail investors, BUT in the modern day of social and digital media theýre missing out on commercial opportunity: an investor typically is and should be a customer.
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