The Executive Dashboard

Business runs on data and so do the digital initiatives we provide for investor relations.

The executive dashboard is a complete online digital overview for analysing, measuring and optimising your investor relations strategy.

The executive dashboard displays results and performance for website, email alerts, subscribers, ticketing, knowledgebase, SEO and social media. Data is available 24/7 online with live and historical information. A monthly summary pdf is also emailed to executives.

The dashboard may be customised to include other key business information. We also offer competitor social media analytics.

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African investor relations dashboard

The Four Pillars of what we do

The 4 core pillars of our services and how we work are as follows:-

Security Hosting and Systems

We host on Google Cloud and use many software systems to integrate, centralise and automate content, interaction and reporting with security and functionality priorities. These systems are constantly updated and improved.

Content Management

We help you analyse your content, source it, curate it and then set up and manage systems to efficiently publish content on websites, email and social media always supported by our Dedicated Account Manager and Content Processing Team.

Community Management

We set up systems to respond to our clients’ communities’ responses online irrespective of which digital or social media channel they are on and irrespective of the time of day. Customers expect responsiveness and we provide it.

Analysis and Reporting

We set up and manage real-time online platforms for you to measure the results of digital marketing efforts, however simple or complex. These insights are provided in real time and over the long-term, for digital and social media channels.

Some of the clients we help with their digital communications

Digital Governance


Practical, hands-on insights from capital markets and data practitioners dedicated to making online investor relations work in African stock markets.

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