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The African Investor Relations Dashboard takes care of the basics by integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable an effective two-way communication between your company and the investor community.

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Interactive Website Solutions

We evolve corporate websites from out of date and incomplete passive stores of information into an interactive customer and sales focused resource that serve as the “engine room” of content which drives social and digital media engagement. Our reporting processes provide the highest level big data insights into your business. The relationships we grow with investors can be leveraged commercially using advanced digital marketing techniques.

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A fully managed service.

We design, host and then manage the day to day aspects of corporate websites, from publishing content into email lists and social media, to responding and tracking feedback and analysing performance of all digital channels. We are the central resource through which your integrated digital strategy is implemented and we use the modern software tools and practices to do it.

Maximising Return of Investment

To minimise costs, maximise customer service and improve sales processes in a way that tangibly shows progress, in real time and over the long term, we appraise your website, digital and content marketing activities to provide a clearly structured way forward . “Seeing the bigger picture” is our value proposition to our clients.

Using the Best Digital Channel

We use our content marketing, social media and software integration skills to grow an identified community of email registrants with which you can communicate (at any time) and receive feedback. One in every 5 emails sent is opened, the best engagement percentage of any commercial digital channel, this is why growing an email list should be the focus of your digital marketing activities.

Excellent communications governance

Our investor relations solutions publish complete, timely corporate and investor relations information on your website, social media, through email. Our pan-African investor portal provides a news channel to complement your corporate communication efforts to ensure your content is distributed and seen widely online. At a minimum we ensure your investor relations website section is not out of date or incomplete.

Immediate customer and sales support

Responding to customers and sales prospects queries immediately, tracking them to completion then analysing the bigger picture, ensures you are fully connected with your communities. “Big picture” analyses of the issues raised, why and when, in real or almost real time, future-proofs your business and influences your content marketing and digital strategy, which doesn’t have to guess what’s going on.

Integrating, automating, centralising

We get different software platforms to speak to each other, share information and automate the publication of news and content into social media and digital channels. As a result information is complete, accurate, timely and published consistently and this is appreciated and it helps grow online influence and visibility. The “HOW’’ to structure a digital marketing strategy is more important than the “WHAT” to do in order to enjoy a high ROI in digital marketing.


I have enjoyed working with you. I like the response rate, generally, and I also appreciate the insight on most issues. In my view, it speaks to how well your team understands the field and also that you keep up with developments and trends because we receive future-looking advice, if you like, from yourselves. I find that each member of the team is highly engaged when dealing with an issue and that gives the confidence that resolution is not far off.

Some of the benefits of working with yourselves, so far, include a professional manner of handling IR communication, hands-on advice and experience (e.g. on analyst calls), eye on the future (using technology to deliver results) and the fact that you have the expertise that is yet sufficiently developed internally so we can rely on you. The net result is we have a few things less to worry about, especially in areas where we have gaps, either in terms of human resource or skill.

I think a key objective met is in the social media space. The community is growing and we are managing to channel much info out using the various platforms.


By way of introduction, my name is Jessica Anderson, and I work at Deutsche Bank providing investor relations guidance and information on global best-practices to companies that have ADR and GDR programs with us. I just wanted to say I saw your new website, and the Investor Relations section is terrific! I spend a lot of time working with companies from emerging markets and promoting the value of a comprehensive, informative, and well-designed and organized website and investor relations sub-section as a major tool in attracting and keeping international institutional investors. It is great to see you are ahead of the curve, I’m really impressed!